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A Game based on classic kart games, with stunning graphics, and very addictive mechanics.



Composers & SFX

Rafael Torres 

A guitarist and graduated in music at UFMG. He is a vegetarian and a fan of pizza. His favorite styles of music are fusion, blues and rock. He loves fighting, shooting and adventure games. The best game of his life was God Of War 4.

Programmer / Game Designer


A Passionate programmer, Huge fan of Classic PSOne era games, Love to code in work and free time! Also a Godot Engine evangelist.


3D Modeler / Animator

Rafael Brum

An ogre who lives in a cave forging models on an anvil. He dropped college to pursue knowledge far beyond reach through sheer trial and error so many times. Breathes hard surface modeling and challenge himself some times with organic stuff. He likes to work and doesn't know what else to do.


Illustrator / Concept Artist

Rafael Brum

A guy who never stopped drawing. Passionate about science and art, he graduated in electrical engineering from UFS, where he also works as a researcher.


Environment Artist


A 3d artist that has pretty much dipped their toes in everything, and went back the game development just because it's comfortable. He loves to create worlds that people can dive into, and give people a fun experience. He also hates sleeping.

My_Profile (1).jpg

3D Modeler / Animator


A self-taught artist who still needs a lot to learn his skill and experience. Spending most of his time in his room to doing his art. His favorite motto that relates to art is "Be a mess". He is also a Blender maniac.

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